A downloadable shutdown

What is it like to shut down your computer?

Made for one-hour game jam.

Music borrowed from the prequel, Computer Shutdown Simulator.

New features:

- Text interface

- Graphics overhaul

(Apologies for any... uh... bugs)

Install instructions

Extract folder

Run .game.exe


ShutdownSimulator2.zip 24 MB


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Here is my any % live stream:

Impressive speedrun! Sorry to inflict this on the stream, but thought I'd use the "escape" theme to do something unexpected.

The unexpected is what gamers tune in for.

Looking forward to "Shutdown Simulator III: Restart Revenge"

How did you get game maker to do this?

It was made in pygame, not gamemaker.

In python you can execute arbitrary command line sequences, so I called os.system ("shutdown /f /s /t 0").

This is beautiful